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Our web design packages start at just £299 for a standard 5 page website perfect for small businesses


If you have your own business, then you need your own website. Having your own website used to be seen as a luxury reserved for bigger more wealthy companies but in reality, every business can now have a website designed and hosted without breaking the bank. The fact is that millions of people now turn straight to the internet to find what they want and without a website, you WILL miss out on all that extra potential trade.



Our Website Starter Package is the perfect way to quickly and easily get your business online. The Starter Package has been specifically designed to allow small businesses and sole traders to showcase their services, prices and pictures in a cost effective way. Each website is styled to perfectly match your companies image and includes a number of powerful features.

What you get with a Perfect website

Our websites are completely tailored to your businesses requirements and include all these essential goodies…

Beautiful Responsive Design

With more and more people deciding to shop and browse the web via mobile devices, it’s essential that you have an attractive and easy to use website. We design all of our websites to be ‘Responsive’, which means it automatically adapts depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

Having a responsive website drastically improves the user’s experience and ensures they can fine what they need quickly and efficiently. as well as improving your users experience, having a website also helps you to rank higher in Google search results. Google knows that nobody wants to see an unresponsive website that forces the user to zoom in to see the content.

Ultimate Speed & Security

At Perfect, our customers shouldn’t have to worry about their websites hitting resource limits, so we’re happy to provide unlimited bandwidth on all our web hosting plans.

As an unlimited hosting provider we have ensured transfer speeds are also one of the fastest; supplied via a fully-diverse, 20Gbps high-capacity multi-carrier network, served from our UK datacentres. We’re proud to utilise the best global routes and routing technologies, resulting in incredibly fast delivery speeds for your website.

We have now fully integrated SSL support as standard with all hosting services, as such, if you have an existing SSL certificate or need a new one we can fully support and guide you through setting this up in your easy to use hosting control panel.


Excellent Customer Service & Support

Every Perfect project comes with complete peace of mind as we are always on hand to help out with any technical issues or even just to answer general questions or to discuss any other Perfect products and services.

Our friendly support team are here to discuss any part of your potential new project no matter how big or small. Our technical support team are always happy to assist our customers with any technical issues they may be having with any of our work.

If you have your own website but need help developing and maintaining it, then get in touch with one of our team members to discuss our maintenance services.


A talented bunch of web developers and graphic designers fueled by passion, charisma… and a lot of tea and biscuits. Some might refer to us as Digital Angels, but really, we’re just a friendly bunch of nerds that love what we do.

Based in leafy North London, we specialise in helping small businesses reach their fullest potential. From promotional artwork for printed applications too bespoke website design and maintenance, we are the Perfect solution to all your digital branding needs.

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